Peter Brixey Museum

Housed in the former Cottonvale Station building, it is named after Peter Brixey who started the collection in the building and who is responsible for the majority of photographs and information that is on display there.

Just some of the artifacts:

  • cash bags, cash box, bung bags
  • block telegraph instrument
  • old public telephone
  • 3 wheeled push-pull inspectors trike,
  • Killarney Junction frame levers
  • old photographs, maps
  • tucker boxes, old set of scales, type-writer
  • posters, circulars, weekly notices, ticket stock books
  • Millhill train register book, working timetables, rule books, rates books, and
  • a large assortment of documents.

Members Library

Available for loan by SDSR members only:

  • Over 60 videos and DVDs of railway stories (from Australia and from overseas)
  • Large collection of railway books
  • ARHS Bulletins and Sunshine Express Magazines dating back to the 1970s
  • Monthly Railway magazines

Trike on display at the Museum in the Warwick Railway Precinct.

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