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Fast Facts about the ‘Via Recta’ SURVEYED Via Recta 1885, Warwick – Maryvale May 1909 WORK STARTED 7th December 1909 OPENED 30th September 1911 CLOSED 1st November 1960 STATUS Via Recta Never Completed Fully Overview The line was surveyed from Warwick to Maryvale by Mr. Blackman in May 1909. Estimated cost to build the line […]

Carriage designations

A First Class B Second Class C Composite (both 1st and 2nd class accommodation) D Sleeper G Water wagon L Lavatory M Mail PARL Parlour car S Sleeper T Guards vans for goods trains U or X Suburban V Guards compartment with brake. And when you put the letters together for wooden carriages: AAS 1st […]

The Sydney Mail – 26 Up and 37 Down

The Sydney Mail for over 40 years was Queensland’s crack train, and it deserves a study on its own. With the opening of both gauges to the border, it began running with the following timetable: Southbound Northbound Stations Time Stations Time Brisbane dep 7.00 p.m. Sydney dep 5.20 p.m. Toowoomba a/d 12.25-35 a.m. Wallan-garra a/d […]

The C17 Steam Locomotive

Type: C17 Built: Betwwen 1920 – 1953 Builders: Ipswich Railway Workshops – (16 units) Walkers Ltd – (138 units) Evans Andersons and Phelan – (28 units) Armstrong, Whtworth & Co. – (25 units) Clyde Engineering – (20 units) Weight: 56.8t (engine + tender when empty) 82.9t (engine + ender when full) Length: 16.3m Width: 2.620m […]

Warwick Coal Stage

Built: 1921 Demolished: 1970 Location: Warwick (Southern Line) In 1921 an elevated coal stage was erected on the south-eastern side of the Condamine River Bridge. It was a coal stage and storage bunker. PB15 444 was one of the locos regularly on ‘stage duties’. It would gingerly push a rake of loaded coal hoppers from […]

(East) Warwick Railway Station

Opened: 2 January 1888 Renamed: From ‘East Warwick’ to ‘Warwick’ Location: Southern Line Status: Station and Goods Shed still in operation Warwick had two railway stations. The first opened in 1871 as ‘Warwick’ and was located on the northern side of the Condamine River. It’s name was changed to ‘Millhill’ in 1888. In July 5, 1881, with […]

(Warwick) Mill Hill Railway Station

Open: 10 January 1871 Renamed: 1888 from Warwick to Mill Hill Closed: 30 May 1975 Location: Southern Line Status: Platform & Station building still exist. Some documentation refer to this location as one word “Millhill”, and some as two-words “Mill Hill”. The station sign that is mounted on the side of the station building is […]

Warwick Locomotive Depot

Opened: 1871 Location: Warwick, Southern Line Status: Operational Warwick has had three lomotive depots over the years. The first was at Millhill (which can be seen from Rose St in Warwick) which opened in 1871 as ‘Warwick’ station. It had an engine shed for one locomotive, a 7.5m turntable and a water tower. The second depot was […]

‘Via recta’ – the line that never was

Table of Contents Fast Facts About the Branch Background Warwick to Maryvale section (Maryvale Branch) Engineers report Stations built on the line Closure of the line   Fast Facts About the Branch Surveyed Via Recta 1856, Warwick – Maryvale May 1909 Work started 7th December 1909 Opened 30th September 1911 Closed 1st November 1960 Status Via Recta Never fully Completed […]

(Warwick) – Inglewood – Texas

Table of Contents Fast Facts About the Branch Background Timetable Stations built on the line Description of the line Train services and line workings Closure of the line   Fast Facts About the Branch Surveyed: 1911 Opened: 3rd November, 1930 Closed: 1st January 1994   Background The line from Inglewood to Texas was surveyed from […]